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What Is Viagra?

Viagra is a medication offered in the form of a tablet or pill in the doses of twenty-five milligrams, fifty milligrams, or one hundred milligrams. It is one of the first medications on the market purposed to simply and effectively treat those individuals who suffer from one-time or reoccurring erectile dysfunction. Its active ingredient, sildenafil, is what gives it its primary properties in treating erectile dysfunction.

How Viagra Works


Viagra is a medication that, through a series of processes, works to increase blood flow to the penis, which then stimulates a penile erection once sexual stimulation begins.

The entire process toward the erection begins with the release of nitrous oxide. cGMP, or cyclic guanosine monophosphate, increases blood flow in the body which ultimately causes an erection. The synthesis of cGMP in the body is triggered by nitrous oxide. Unfortunately, cGMP is destroyed at a rapid pace by PDE5, or phosphodiesterase type 5. This can impede an erection by preventing the cGMP-stimulated flow of blood to the penis.

As a PDE5 inhibitor, sildenafil, or Viagra, quickly and simply increases the production of cGMP in the body by inhibiting PDE5. This greatly increases the flow of blood in the lower region of the body by allowing cGMP to do its job unimpeded by PDE5. Upon sexual stimulation then, the increase of blood flow triggered by the ingestion of Viagra allows for a normal erection response.

As a PDE5 inhibitor, Viagra’s active ingredient sildenafil is able to stop the PDE5 response that is causing erectile dysfunction in order to allow normal sexual activity to resume, uninhibited by the concerns of erectile dysfunction. Viagra is known for allowing individuals to experience longer, more satisfying erections through the increase of blood flow to the penis.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?


For many years, the uncomfortable and upsetting ailment known as erectile dysfunction did not have a method of treatment or cure short of expensive procedures and surgeries, as well as countless doctors visits. These treatments were wildly expensive, and wildly invasive. A simple solution did not exist to treat those with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile dysfunction is known by many names, and is caused by a number of factors, but it is defined simply as the lack of an erection. Those suffering from erectile dysfunction are unable to sustain a satisfying erection for the duration of sexual activity, or unable to develop a satisfying erection at all.

The causes of erectile dysfunction, or impotence, are vast and varied, including neurological problems like trauma from surgery, drug side effects, hormonal insufficiencies, or cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It can also, alternatively, be caused by purely psychological factors. Performance anxiety is a major factor of several mental illnesses including anxiety and depression.

History of Treatment for ED


Prior to the conception of Viagra and subsequent manufacturing and distribution of the drug upon approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998, erectile dysfunction had few real treatment plans, all of which were, as mentioned above, both invasive and expensive. The advice to prevent erectile dysfunction included simply aerobic exercise and avoidance of tobacco smoke, but the cures upon diagnosis were much more intense.

The least invasive tactic to assist individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction was a device deemed the penis pump. This device can be used prior to intercourse to draw blood into the penis with a vacuum-like action. These were mostly provided with proof of a prescription. The more invasive alternatives to Viagra include major surgery.

Viagra for ED


Pharmaceutical company Pfizer at their Sandwich, Kent research facility conceived Viagra during clinical trials of its active ingredient, sildenafil, for hypertension and angina pectoris, high blood pressure and ischaemic heart disease symptoms respectively. After discovering sildenafils properties as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, Viagra was patented in 1996, and moved toward approval by the FDA.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Viagra as an erectile dysfunction medication in 1998, which made it the first erectile dysfunction treatment within the United States to be administered orally. This made it a much easier and less expensive alternative to previous types of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra’s Ingredients


Viagra is composed of the active ingredient sildenafil, as well as inactive ingredients anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, triacetin, lactose, and FD & C Blue #2 aluminium lake. These inactive ingredients serve a number of important purposes including keeping the pill together, timed-release properties, and adhesiveness.

Taking Viagra

Viagra is a fairly simple medication to keep track of. Each package contains four tablets of medication that are either twenty-five milligrams, fifty milligrams, or one hundred milligrams, depending on body type and persistency of issue. Regardless of persistency of the issue of erectile dysfunction, only one pill may be taken per day.

A pill can be taken up to four hours in advance of sexual activity, but should be expected to begin working as soon as thirty minutes after consumption. The pill does not cause an erection upon consumption, but rather, as a PDE5 inhibitor, Viagra assists the body to achieve an erection once the process has already begun, that is, upon arousal or sexual stimulation.

When taking Viagra, a doctor should be consulted about possible drug interactions. The pill should be taken once prior to sexual activity with a full glass of water. Better results can be expected if the medication is consumed on an empty stomach.

Purchasing Viagra


Viagra can be purchased through a doctor with a valid prescription for full market price, through a pharmacy with a successful consultation, or online for a fraction of market price. While it can be risky purchasing a medication online, those who find a trusted online pharmaceutical company can find savings on both time and money. UK Meds offers purchase of Viagra online with free delivery and no hidden fees.

UK Meds also offer online prescriptions with the completion of a short questionnaire. This makes Viagra more accessible and keeps individuals who don’t have the time or money to go through a general practitioner from purchasing dangerous counterfeits from uncertified online sources. Viagra is one of the best medications in the business to treat erectile dysfunction and can be incredibly useful if taken properly.

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